Black Belts: Tommy Nitro

Date de sortie 08/08/2005 (00h32) Titre original Black Belts: Tommy Nitro Réalisé par Mike Gallay Avec - Genre Action, Arts Martiaux Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Black Belts: Tommy Nitro

Tommy Nitro lives in a world of comic books, caught between his shy, quiet existence, and the adventures of his comic book hero, karate-master Sensei Nobu. One day Tommy is walking home from school and is surrounding by The Crimson Sausage Gang, the villains from his favorite comic book. In order to thwart them, Sensei Nobu teaches him karate and Tommy in turn helps to teach you at home. But who will win the final showdown between Tommy and the Crimson Sausage?

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